I'm an actor, singer, voice over, and a lover of life! Check out my blog, it's got lots of silly ish on it and occasionally updates on my life. :)

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Hi, I’m Morgan. :)

I am a Theatre Performance student at VCU Theatre and an aspiring actor. I love musicals, they are what occupy most of my resume, and I love to sing. I have a huge sense of humor and a big heart. I generally have a lot of energy and am very animated. I’m a strong believe in equal rights, especially with sex, gender and sexual orientation, I’m really passionate about those kinds of things. I love American Sign Language and desperately miss learning it. I have a pet chinchilla named Oscar who is absolutely my baby. I would do anything for my friends and family and my very best friends have been in my life anywhere from 6 to 13 years. My dad is my hero and we’re very close.

And now that you know some random facts about me, feel free to explore my tumblr! Ha :D